Unable to transfer files Problems with VPN Fix via SHAREit

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How to Deal with VPN Problems to Transfer Files via SHAREit

Unable to transfer files Problems with VPN Fix via SHAREit works in a seamless way to allow you easy transfer of each file and app of different types among devices. The best thing is that SHAREit uses Wi-Fi connection for transferring files instead of using Bluetooth connection and hence, does the job in no-time and easily.

Unable to transfer files Problems with VPN Fix via SHAREit

However, in some cases, when the sender/receiver has a VPN connection, you may face difficulty to send and/or receive files. VPN is the underlying problem, which prevent you to send or receive files. In this situation, you have to know the reason, for which VPN connections cause problems and later on, should know the way to resolve it.

Problems with VPN on Devices

  1. Fail to Activate Hotspot at the Receiving End

Whenever you operate VPN on laptops, mobiles or other devices, it fails to activate hotspot at the receiving side. Because of this, both sending and receiving devices fail to connect to a same network. Thus, you cannot share files between the devices by using any version of SHAREit.

  • Causes Connection Problems

VPNs often create connection problems between two devices, which further cause failure in sending and receiving of files by using the file transfer application of SHAREit.

Ways to Fix VPN Problems while Using SHAREit

  1. Close All VPN Applications

You should close each of the VPN applications before transferring any app, data or any other media file via SHAREit. This step lets you to accomplish the file transfer task smoothly.

  • Turn Off VPN Connection

If you have any of the VPN connections, you should turn off them before transferring the files. Thus, you do not have to face any problem while transfer the files easily.


To conclude, we should say that users want to share files, media contents and applications via SHAREit have to turn off or close the VPN connections or applications before using SHAREit.

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