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SHAREit 3.9.98-Excellent App to Share Applications and Media Files at the Fastest Speed

We often have to share apps, media files and other important contents with our friends, as we find them interesting and we want them to use the respective app. However, in some cases, we do not have enough knowledge or technological expertise, because of which we often get confused in selecting the right app to share valuable media files.

Positively, we are available with the latest version of SHAREit i.e. SHAREit 3.9.98, which let us to share the songs, apps, files, videos and other related documents even without the usage of internet. The best thing is that SHAREit shares files at 100times faster rate than Bluetooth, which also allows sharing of files and other apps without internet connection.

SHAREit 3.9.98 Download

How SHAREit 3.9.98 Works

The updated SHAREit 3.9.98 app creates a hotspot between two different types of devices to share the apps and media files. Thus, you only have to download the respective app, open it and press on send or receive option according to the activity you want to perform. You may send almost everything without spending a single penny.

Download of SHAREit 3.9.98

If you are an Android user, you may easily download the updated SHAREit app from the mentioned link. However, you have to meet some requisites i.e.-

  • Your phone should operate on Minimum Android 4.0 i.e. Android Ice Cream Sandwich.
  • To get the fastest possible speed, you should target for Android 4.4. version minimum i.e. Android Kitkat.

Key Features of the Updated SHAREit 3.9.98

  • Facility to send file to almost every type of device without any restriction of the network.
  • The app is the fastest possible app for sharing files and applications in the world.
  • SHAREit 3.9.98 provides you a free and easy interface, while allows cross-platform transfer of files.
  • The app features simple and easy interface as well as allows connection to Android, Windows and Mac PCs.
  • SHAREit 3.9.98 provides an innovative CLONEit feature.

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