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Enjoy Pool of Innovative and Interesting Features in Updated SHAREit 3.7.8 App

Are you willing to share apps and files to other phone or PC users without spending data or using internet? If yes, you should download SHAREit 3.7.8 app available at free of cost from the Android Google Play Store. An interesting feature of SHAREit is that it facilitates sharing of files at the fastest possible speed. Especially, if you compare it with the counterpart Bluetooth app, you will find that SHAREit is about 100times than Bluetooth.

App Allows Simple and Easy Download

  • If you want to download SHAREit 3.7.8, you simply need to click on the respective button or link, according to the directions you get.
  • Once the app starts downloading, you have to click on the option of install for installing it on your favorite Android device.
SHAREit 3.7.8 Download

SHAREit 3.7.8 Comes with Pool of Interesting Features

Hassle-free Sharing of Every Type or Format of File

SHAREit 3.7.8 lets you sharing videos, apps, audio files, images and other types of files in a hassle-free way. The app is perfect to support every type and format for sharing the files.

Available Free of Cost

SHAREit app is available at free of cost and hence, you are not bound to pay anything to use it. Instead, you have to download the application and start by sharing files with your family members and friends.

Get Your Job Done with a Single Click

You may use the SHAREit 3.7.8 app easily i.e. need to download it from the highlighted button. Once you complete this step, you have to turn on the sharing or receiving button according to your actions. This, you may do anything i.e. send or receive files and applications with a single click.

Shares Files within a Few Mini Seconds

An interesting aspect that makes SHAREit different from each of its counterparts available in the market is that it shares or transfers files at the fastest possible speed. What would be better than observing the magic within only a few mini seconds.

Facility to Block a Suspicious Person or Device

If you identify a person or device with the intention to cause harm to your phone device, you may block the respective person and hence, the version cannot see or send anything to you. 

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