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Overview of SHAREit

SHAREit is an application, which lets you sharing various files, like pictures, videos and apps to every individual you want to send. An interesting aspect of the app is that it eliminates the need to spend your mobile data or look for sharing your data. SHAREit 3.10.6 Launched with Optimized Performance and a Recommendation Panel

How to Download SHAREit 3.10.6

SHAREit 3.10.6 download

You may easily download the updated

Additional Features in SHAREit 3.10.6 from the Android link. However, before you should do this, you have to fulfill a few of the requisites, which include-

  • Minimum free storage space of 5.8MB
  • Minimum Android 4.0 operating system i.e. Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system

Optimization to Boost the App’s Overall Performance

The latest update of SHAREit 3.10.6 focuses on the optimization of overall performance of the SHAREit app and in turn to bring improvement in the overall user’s experience. Especially, the app has made drastic improvement in terms of its file transfer speed. Accordingly, you may now transfer almost any type of file at about 20M per second and that too without needing any online connection. Besides, the applications have optimized the software of SHAREit for its updated version to make sure it runs in better way than in normal conditions.

A Separate Recommendation Panel

An interesting fact noticed by most of the first-time users of updated SHAREit 3.10.6 is that once they install the app, it starts showing recommendations of popular music contents and videos, which are according to the ones liked by a user in the past.

Lets Users to Adjust Videos

SHAREit users may now get opportunity to set a specific definition of various online videos associated with the application. Indeed, it is a huge addition, as users of SHAREit 3.10.6 will get chance to adjust their videos to suit their likings and preferences in a better way.

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